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Check Engine Light

Check Engine Light PasadenaNo worries if your check engine light come on in Pasadena. If your Check Engine light or indicator comes on while youíre driving through the Pasadena area, take your vehicle in for auto repair right away at Accurate Autoworks. Sometimes a Check Engine Light will come on for something simple like a poorly attached gas cap, but other times, a Check Engine Light indicates larger problems. Itís better to act fast then take a chance on letting it go long enough to require an engine rebuild.

Here is a recent 5-star online review from a Pasadena area customer that had this to say about their experience with the Check Engine light and auto repair service at Accurate Autoworks:

ďMy engine light came on recently and after taking the car to one Honda mechanic who gave me the runaround, I then took the car to Accurate Autoworks. They were courteous, professional, and diagnosed and fixed the problem that same afternoon. I was impressed with their work ethic and my overall experience was very positive. Thank you Accurate!Ē -- Anonymous

When your Check Engine light comes on, you need an auto repair shop you can trust. Thatís why we invite you to visit Accurate Autoworks in Pasadena. Our technicians will fully inspect your vehicle and get to the heart of your Check Engine light indicator with state-of-the-art diagnostic tools to pinpoint the issues causing your Check Engine light to come on. We are conveniently located at 28 North Hill Avenue, Pasadena, California. For priority service, we recommend you request a Check Engine Light service appointment online or by contacting Accurate Autoworks at (626) 584-6632.

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