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Knowledgeable and Honest

George/Jennifer V - Featured Review

Accurate Autoworks are knowledgeable and honest professionals. I have been going to them for over 15 years. I highly recommend them.

Services All Makes and Models

Bob L - Customer Since 2001

Accurate got some hard to find parts for my old car.


Highest Ethics

Bob C - Customer Since 2023

I recently was traveling from NorCal to Tucson and stopped in my old home town, to rest for the night. As I was backing into a parking spot at the hotel, a seal blew out on my power steering gear that had recently been replaced by my mechanic in Grass Valley. It was a rebuilt unit that he had installed because OEM was on a national backorder.


The part was still under the warranty from the supplier, so Accurate worked with my mechanic and the supplier to get me a replacement. They installed the “new” rebuilt part very quickly and I drove the truck home to Tucson.

Great Service

The ethics of a shop are shown when they perform a job that is not a normal money maker with a part markup. Accurate didn’t delay the repair in lieu of higher profit jobs and got me on the road for just the labor and misc. incidental parts.


I feel extremely lucky to have had Accurate Automotive three blocks from the hotel where I broke down ( a short drive with no power steering) and that they were so professional in handling the repair. Although I may never need their service again, as they knew when they started to help me, that didn’t stop them from treating me like I had been bringing them all my cars for years. I recommend Accurate Automotive to everyone and to all my old friends that still live in Pasadena from when we graduated PHS in ’70. Thanks to, Ed, Nic, and John you guys got me home safe.


Quality and Honesty

Samantha/Ben N - Customer Since 2021

Always quality, honest work and fair pricing!


Great Customer Service

Yvonne G - Customer Since 2010

Thanks to the team at Accurate; kudos to Jordan for his great customer service.

Roxanne M - Cusotmer Since 2022

This shop is the best I’ve been to. Always honest and they do a great job!


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